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.What is the Anuga Exhibition?

Anuga Exhibition is one of the most famous and largest food and beverage industry exhibitions in the world. They hold this exhibition every year in Germany. This exhibition is “Anuga – International Exhibition of Food and Beverage Industry”. It has a special place in the food industry. In this article,  we will discuss regardingthe introduction of the Anuga exhibition and its importance as a key event in the food industry.

place Anuga exhibition


Where do they hold the Anuga exhibition?

They hold this exhibition every year for one week in Cologne, Germany. This year they hold it from October 7 to 11. Also, today is the last day of this exhibition. The event is an opportunity for food and beverage manufacturers and companies around the world to present new products, connect with customers, and exchange information on food.

At the exhibition, visitors have the opportunity to see a wide range of food and beverage products. These products include ready-to-eat foods, snacks, soft drinks, cheese products, canned foods, organic products, and many others.

Companies at Anuga can present their new products to the global community. They demonstrate how new innovations in the food industry are born.

One of the most important aspects of This exhibition is the opportunity to contact and negotiate with customers and colleagues in the food industry. This exhibition acts as a bridge between manufacturers, distributors, and consumers.

Considering the importance of the Anuga exhibition in the food industry. This event is also recognized as an opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge in the food industry. Also, This exhibition is a place to de-crisis issues related to food security and the environment.

As a result, the Anuga Exhibition plays a significant role as an important event in improving the food and beverage industry. This exhibition provides an area for innovations,  food quality improvement, and establishment of global communication in this field and is considered an important event in improving the global food industry.


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