BenMary is a reputable and dependable company that provides safe and high-quality food and agricultural products. By understanding the needs of the target markets, we have attempted to develop a proper and secure network from agriculture and production to packing, transportation and delivery to our main export destinations.
Our product supply chain is continuously and individually reviewed and monitored by experienced specialists in order to provide acceptable value for our loyal customers while ensuring safe production. The following processes comprise the controls and implementation of our company’s supply procedure:
-Appropriate education and updates for farmers and agricultural product producers based on global food industry norms and regulations.
-Complete training and supervision on harvesting and transporting products to warehouses and distribution centers.
-Complete training and supervision on harvesting and transporting products to warehouses and refrigerated storage.
-Teaching and monitoring the principles of product warehousing and storage based on international standards
-Training and oversight of the sorting, processing, and packing of production goods in compliance with customer specifications.
-With the assistance of reliable logistics providers, loading and shipping products in suitable refrigerated or dry containers in standard shape and pallets.
-Addressing buyers’ concerns and creating secure payment and transfer conditions for our loyal customers in various ways


As a dependable partner and adviser and a reliable supplier, we endeavor to provide customers with the most specialized and up-to-date technical information about our products’ supply chain so that they may make the best purchase decisions possible.


By 2027, we will have established ourselves as a major source of information and services in the food industry in the Middle East.