We are suppliers of barberry in Iran, barberry is a type of plant that has red and sour fruits and can also be used as a medicinal plant.

The most barberry grows in South Khorasan province, and it is a very suitable place for barberry cultivation.

Dry barberry is usually done by drying in large halls with proper ventilation or by using drying machines.

Iranian barberry suppliers play an important role in the production, harvesting, and processing of barberry and help this important product in the market.

Benmary Foods, as an export trading company and supplier of dried fruit products in Iran, is committed to providing the best products to its customers. We cooperate with reliable and experienced producers in Iran to exploit high-quality and fresh products.

In addition to barberry, we also supply other types of dried fruits and edible products. Our products are carefully selected and checked to ensure that their quality meets the expectations of our customers.

Our team consists of skilled and specialized experts in the field of the dried fruit market and international trade, and with an ethical and customer-oriented approach, they help our customers choose the right products, arrange transportation, and solve any questions or needs.

barberryWith more than a few years of experience in the field of supplying dry fruits, We emphasize that:

Quality is our top priority: we pay special attention to quality, fresh products,harvesting, and processing.

Uniqueness: Our company takes advantage of the variety of products and can guide our customers to choose the right products for their needs.

Strong distribution system: We have a strong distribution system and are able to supply products throughout Iran and internationally.

Customer Support: Our customer service team is ready to answer your questions and review your requests carefully.

Sustainability and Business Continuity: We seek to establish sustainable and long-term business relationships with our customers and suppliers.

If you are looking to supply dried fruit and quality edible products in Iran, Benmary Foods is ready to help you. Buy from us with confidence to experience a premium shopping experience.

Benmary Foods, as one of the leading suppliers of dried fruit in Iran, offers its customers:

Cooperation opportunities: We are always looking to develop business relationships with new customers and suppliers. If you are a dried fruit producer or a new customer, contact us to explore cooperation opportunities.

Compliance with standards:We insist that all our products comply with health and quality standards.

Competitive Price: By enhancing our relationships with suppliers, we have been able to offer competitive prices to our customers.

Custom Orders: We are able to provide custom orders and products with special packaging. If you need special orders, we are ready to personalize them for you.

By choosing Benmary Foods as a supplier of dry fruits in Iran, you will get a strong and reliable partner. We appreciate your trust and are ready to serve you to meet your needs.

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