In recent years, the interest in using natural and herbal medicinal products is increasing worldwide.  Herbal Drinks are one of the valuable measures in this area, which are prepared based on plant materials and have many medicinal properties.  Iran is among the countries that have the most valuable medicinal plants with a rich cultural and historical nature.  In this article, we will introduce an Iranian Herbal Drink as a skin treatment in traditional Iranian medicine.


 First part: Herbal Drinks and their properties

Herbal Drinks are extracts made from medicinal plants.  These extracts contain active compounds that create healing properties in the body.  The properties of Herbal Drinks are different and are used to treat many diseases and disorders.  The properties of Herbal Drinks are pain relief, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, soothing, and immune system booster.


 Second part: Iranian medicinal plants and their Herbal Drink

Iran, as one of the high biodiversity countries in the world, has a treasure of medicinal plants.  Some of the most well-known Iranian medicinal plants that are used to prepare herbal Drinks are:


Saffron, fennel, chicory, thyme, and…


 The third part: The effects of traditional Iranian medicine on the world

Iranian Herbal Drink, as part of traditional Iranian medicine, has a great impact on the world.  The scientific knowledge about the use of medicinal plants and producing herbal drinks in Iran goes back to ancient times.  The use of these spices in treating diseases and maintaining health is one of the legacies that Iran presents to the world.



Iranian Herbal Drinks are one the natural and valuable resources with many healing properties.  Iranian medicinal plants, as raw materials for the production of herbal drinks, are very diverse and efficient in terms of medicinal properties and positive effects on health. Natural Iranian Herbal Drink treats diseases with non-chemical methods without any side effects.


The biodiversity of different regions of Iran and the use of traditional knowledge in extracting Herbal Drink makes these products a natural heritage inside and outside the country.  A large number of Iranian medicinal plants are used as Herbal Drinks in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and health industries, as well as in the production of foods and beverages.


Because of the role of Iranian Herbal Drinks to improve health and treating diseases, this industry has been developed. This also helps in economic development and improves the living standards of the society.

herbal drink

Herbal Drink

herbal drink