"Close up of a lot of unripe yellow dates, a few hanging from a tree, a few palm leaves with a sharp green leaf between them, these dates are mostly bought by a date supplier"

.Date suppliers in Iran often offer different types of dates to the market. Choosing the best type of dates depends on the needs and preferences of customers and target markets.

Date production is one of the most important agricultural and marketed products in Iran. This product is rich in nutrients and is healthy. Dates also serve as an important source of income for farmers and suppliers in Iran.

History of dates in Iran

The date is a fruit that farmers have cultivated in Iran since ancient times. The long history of this fruit has a deep and cultural meaning. Iran has achieved world fame in this field as one of the date-producing countries.

"نمای نزدیک از تعداد زیادی خرمای زرد نارس، چند عدد از درخت آویزان شده اند، چند برگ خرما با یک برگ سبز تیز بین آنها"

Variety of dates

One of the most special characteristics of dates in Iran is their variety. Any type of dates you need are in the Iranian market. Below are some of their types.

Mazafati dates: One of the most famous types of dates. Mazafati dates have a dark color and sweet taste.

Zahedi dates: Zahedi dates with semi-transparent skin and sweet taste are usually produced in Fars province and southern Iran. These dates are popular for eating as well as making jam and sweets.

Piarom date: This type of date is grown in Hormozgan province and has brown skin.

Kabkab date: Kabkab date with black skin and sweet taste is one of the most famous products of Bushehr and Fars province.


20 تا 30 خرمای قهوه ای براق که به عنوان مثال عرضه کننده خرما از محصول خود گرفته است

Harvesting dates in Iran


Summer and autumn are harvest seasons of dates in Iran. In fact, date harvesting ends an important phase of the growth and development of this product. This may cause damage by delay or inaccuracy in harvesting time. In the following, there are explanations about the date harvesting season in Iran:

Summer season: Depending on the type of dates planted and the production area, date harvesting starts in parts of summer. At this stage, the dates are not yet fully ripe. Depending on the type and purpose of consumption, they may be used as sweet dates or sour dates.

Autumn season: Farmers harvest most Iranian dates in the autumn season. At this stage, the dates are fully ripe and sweet enough. Harvesting dates in the fall usually last from late August to October.

Harvesting methods: They harvest dates by manual and mechanized methods. In Iran, the manual method is usually more popular. The workers go to the top of the trees and separate the dates from the tree in clusters. The factory separates each date seed from the cluster in a hygienic way.

Packaging and distribution: After harvesting, the dates must reach the stage of packaging and storage. Dates are mainly transported in special boxes or packages to protect them from damage and spoilage. Then they are distributed to domestic and foreign markets.

Export: Iran is one of the largest exporters of dates in the world, and the successful harvest of this product has an important impact on international markets. As an important source of income for the country, the export of dates reaches its peak during the harvest season.

Date Suppliers in Iran

Date suppliers in Iran play an important role in providing and supplying this vital product. As one of the world’s most reliable date-producing countries, Iran has many suppliers who supply quality date products to domestic and foreign markets. As a supplier, we have the best relationship with the best producers in Iran, mainly in Hormozgan, Fars, Sistan Baluchestan, and Khuzestan.

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