A closed picture of some Dried figs,some of which are moldy

Iranian dried fig suppliers are responsible for obtaining dried figs from farmers. Their duties include supply, product purchase, packaging, and marketing.

Producers often buy products from farmers in the last month of summer.

The best season to buy dried figs in Iran is mainly the summer and autumn months.

In Iran, dried figs are an important agricultural product. Producers produce Figs in different provinces. The most important and high quality of which is in Fars province and Esteahban city.

Dried fig suppliers in the country have several responsibilities:

Product procurement and supply: These suppliers must procure dried figs from different farmers.

Buying in the right season: To maintain the quality of the product, they buy the product in the right season. They usually do it in summer and autumn.

Product packaging: Producers pack dried figs in a suitable and hygienic way. For example, packaging in 10 kg packages is one of the common options for dried figs.

Quality Control: Iranian dried figs suppliers must monitor product quality and separate quality products to be supplied to customers.

Marketing and distribution: They have to supply the products to different markets and work in the marketing and distribution process.

Handling customers and orders: Suppliers must accept customer orders and respond to their needs.

Research and development: To improve quality and increase production, some suppliers may also engage in research and development.

Regarding the best season to buy dried figs in Iran, usually, summer and autumn are the best times to buy this product. In these periods, fresher and better quality products are available. However, you can contact local suppliers to get specific recommendations for purchasing in your area.

Why 10 kg packaging?


Regarding the packaging of dried figs in the form of 10 kg packages, this type of packaging is the most common form of packaging for dried figs in Iran. This packaging is very popular due to the ease of transportation and its use for various purposes. Producers place Dried figs in this package in different forms such as chopped, chopped, or whole. They do Packaging with high precision and hygiene to maintain the quality of the product.

Of course, it should be noted that packaging in other types is done according to the customer’s request.

What is the form of transporting Iranian dried figs?

Benmary Foods is one of the suppliers of dried figs in Iran. Benmary Foods will provide buyers with advice on buying and shipping in the best way.

You should note that due to the sensitivity of dried figs, you should use a refrigerated container to transport this product.

To buy a quality product from Iran’s dry fig suppliers, you can contact Benmary Foods.


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