Dried Figs

Dried Figs

What is dried fig?


Dried fig is one of the dried fruit that manufacturers obtain from figs.  After farmers harvest the figs, they become valuable food.  People can consume the figs fresh. You can use dried figs for a longer period and store them for a longer time.  Estahban dried figs are of high quality due to the climate and soil quality of that region. They are one of the best types of dried figs.


 where is Estahban?


Estahban is an old and historical city located in Fars province in the south of Iran.  This city is one of the most important regions for dried fig production.  Estahban dried figs are one of the most well-known products of this region. Estahban has a good rank in the world market due to its nutritional and health properties.

Dried Figs

What are the properties of dried figs?


Estahban dried figs have many properties that distinguish them from other types of fruits.  Some of the mentioned properties are:


  • A rich source of nutrients: Dried figs are high in fiber, vitamins (such as vitamin A and vitamin C), and minerals (such as potassium, calcium, and iron).  These nutrients are important for the heart, skin, bones, and immune system.


  • Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties: Dried figs have strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds that help to reduce inflammation and fight oxidative damage in the body.


  • Energy boost: Despite the natural sweet flavor, dried figs are a significant source of energy.  Consuming this fruit helps to increase energy levels and reduce fatigue.



 When is the dry fig harvest season?


Usually, the fig harvest season in Esthban is in July and August. The sorting and packing process is in September.  In these months, the fruits are fully ripe. To prepare dried figs, producers dry the fruits slowly after harvesting.


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What are the advantages of Iranian dried figs?


Estahban dried figs are the best types of dried figs in the world for many reasons.  for example :


  • Favorable weather conditions: Estahban is located in Fars province and has diverse and favorable weather conditions that are ideal for the growth of figs.  This region has mild winters and hot and dry summers, which are suitable for producing high-quality dried figs.


  • Fertile soil: Estahban soil is suitable for the production of high-quality fruits due to its abundant nutrients and mineral elements.  This soil is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which help plants to have high productivity and healthy growth.


  • Varieties: In Estahban, farmers produce various types of dried figs. Each one of the products is special. This variety of cultivars gives consumers a wider choice and is one of the best features of this region.


  • High quality and unique taste: Estahban dried figs have a good taste and quality due to traditional drying methods.  Producers dry the fruits gently to preserve their shelf life and keep their flavor and nutritional value.


  • Supply in the world market: Estahban dried figs are one of the export products of Iran in the world market.  The reputation of Estahban dried figs in the world market is due to their high quality and variety compared to other types of them.


  • Use in different industries: People use figs in many food industries. Dried fruit production, confectionery, and bread are among these.  Fig is a valuable raw material in the food industry.


  • Adherence to health standards: Eshtaban dried fig production is in compliance with standards.  In the drying and packaging process, producers observe hygiene principles to ensure the quality and health of consumers.


  • Connection with culture and history: Estahban is a historical city with a rich culture, which plays an important role in the production of dried figs.


  • International relations: Estahban dried figs are an export product of Iran in the world market. Because of its high-quality compared to other types of dried figs, it has a significant rank in international exports.  Some exporters export this product to different world countries including Europe, Asia, America, and Australia.


  • Target consumers: Estahban dried figs are very important for different groups of consumers due to their properties and benefits.  Generally, this product is suitable for people who are looking for a rich source of fiber and want to improve their digestive system.  Also, people who are looking to increase their energy level and reduce fatigue may use That.



  • Protecting the environment: Manufacturers produce dried figs by traditional methods and without any harmful chemicals.  These conventional methods not only help to reduce pollution and negative effects on the environment but also play an important role in preserving biodiversity and preserving natural resources.  As a sustainable agricultural activity, the production of Estahban dried figs helps to preserve the environment of the region and maintain the balance of the ecosystem.



What is the grading of Dried figs?

Dried Figs

Estahban figs are one of the most well-known agricultural products in Fars province, Iran. They can be divided into different grades. There are no precise and official criteria for the evaluation and classification of Estahban figs. This is mostly done based on their quality and appearance.  But usually, people use the following three common grades to classify Estahban Dried figs:


  • AAA Grade: AAA-grade Dried figs are of the best quality.  They are the largest, more regular in shape, and have a shiny and attractive color.  Generally,  Dried figs are used to decorate desserts, dried fruits, or for fresh consumption.


  • AA grade: AA-grade Dried figs are good quality, but slightly less than AAA grade.  They also have a large size and regular shape and have a shiny color.  Usually, these types of Dried figs are used for fresh consumption, preparation of dried fruit, or use in making jam and sweets.


  • Grade A: A-grade Dried figs are of average quality. They are placed among other grades in terms of appearance and quality.  They may be slightly smaller and more irregular in shape.  These types of Dried figs are used as raw materials in the preparation of processed products such as jam, canned food, and juice, and even as dried fruit.


Please note that this classification is based on general criteria and may differ in different markets.


In which countries do figs grow?


Figs are tropical agricultural products in many countries.  This fruit grows well in hot, dry, and moderate climates.  Some of the countries where figs are :


  • Iran: Iran is one of the largest producers of figs in the world.  Fars province, especially Estahban, as well for the production of Estahban figs.


  • Turkey: Turkey is also one of the most important producers of figs. Saragossa in Türkiye is famous for the production of figs.


  • Greece: In Greece, figs are an important agricultural product.  The islands of Cyprus and Crete are also famous for fig production.


  • Italy: In northern Italy and regions such as Sicily, Calabria, and Sicily, fig production is widespread.


  • Spain: Andalusia, Murcia, and Catalonia provinces in Spain are producing figs.


  • America: In America, figs grow in areas such as California, Texas, and Arizona.


Also, figs are cultivated and produced in many other countries such as Egypt, Morocco, Australia, Brazil, and India.


Which countries export the most Dried figs?


The largest export of figs in the world is from the following countries:


  • Turkey: Turkey is the largest fig exporter in the world.  Saragavoto, Aydin, and Izmir regions in Turkey are fig production and export centers.


  • Iran: Iran is the second largest exporter of figs in the world.  Fars province, especially Estahban, is famous for producing figs in Iran and exporting many fig products to other countries.


  • Greece: Greece is one of the most important countries in the export of figs.  The islands of Cyprus and Crete in Greece are famous as fig production and export areas.


  • Italy: Italy is one of the important countries that produce and export figs.  The regions of Sicily in Italy are well-known for producing figs.


  • Spain: Spain also plays a vital role in the export of figs.  The regions of Andalusia, Murcia, and Catalonia in Spain are fig producers and exporters.


The amount of figs exported to each country may vary annually and change depending on market conditions and demand.


 Which countries import the most figs?



Usually, countries with a shortage in their fig production or need to export figs to meet domestic needs, import figs.  Some of the countries that import the most figs are:


  • Germany: as one of Europe’s largest consumer markets, Germany may import figs from other countries to meet its local needs.


  • United States of America: In some regions of the United States, there may be less fig production, so figs are imported from other countries such as Turkey, Iran, Greece, and Italy.


  • Arab countries of the Persian Gulf: Countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar import figs due to unfavorable weather conditions and high demand for figs.


  • Other European countries: In addition to Germany, other countries such as France, Great Britain, Holland, and Spain may also need to import figs.


The amount of figs imported to each country may vary due to changes in the demand and supply of local products.




Estahban dried figs are one of the best types of dried figs in the world. The suitable climate of Estahban, fertile soil, high quality, unique taste, and variety of cultivars are the main reasons. Estahban dried fig has a special rank in the world market.

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