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Dates are a sweet and savory fruit that grows on trees called date palms. This fruit regulates the digestive process and has been popular among people since ancient times. Palm trees grow mostly in the tropics and are tall. According to doctors, an adult should consume 25 to 38 grams of fiber per day, which can be obtained by eating dates. Eating dates can help keep your eyes healthy and improve problems such as nightmares.

Iran is one of the top five exporters of dates in the world. A large number of Iranian dates are sold in bulk to various countries, and these countries then offer the same dates to the rest of the world in a variety of elegant packaging. Some of the top export companies in Iran also offer different kinds of dates in various packages and dates products to the world market.
Dates are cultivated in 15 provinces of Iran and there are more than 250,000 hectares of groves in the country, of which five provinces produce more than 99% of the country’s dates. According to the World Food Organization, there are currently more than one billion and 353 thousand hectares of groves in the world, which annually about eight billion and 460 thousand tons of dates are harvested from these groves and sent to various markets.

Countries importing dates and buy dates in bulk sizes are increasingly paying attention to issues such as the quality, health and safety of the product they buy. Ensuring the quality and health of export dates is a key issue for competition in the trade scene of this product. Iranian date traders need strong plant health systems to reassure their business partners and global markets that Iranian date crops have not been exposed to harmful pests and product quality has not been affected. Upgrading the health diagnosis technologies of dates and dates health approval of the country in accordance with international standards will pave the trade routes of dates and will present new business opportunities to exporters.

Benmary Foods is a reputable and dependable company that provides safe and high-quality food and agricultural products. By understanding the needs of the target markets, we have attempted to develop a proper and secure network from agriculture and production to packing, transportation and delivery to our main export destinations. BenMary date products are available in bulk 10kg sizes with fresh high-quality dates. For more information keep in touch.
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