The fifth international exhibition of dates

The fifth international exhibition of dates


The fifth international exhibition of dates:

The fifth international exhibition of dates started on the evening of Tuesday, November 1, 2022, in the three halls and related industries started with the presence of several producers, distributors, and exporters of this product at the Fars International Exhibition in Shiraz.

Various notable companies are present from 13 provinces and representatives from four foreign countries.

The fifth international exhibition of Dates Planners, this exhibition has started in 6 thousand square meters of space. With the participation of more than notable 70 companies from different provinces of Iran and representatives of companies from Russia, Pakistan, Oman, and Qatar. There are 190 booths and it will continue for four days for November 1 until November 4, 2022.

In the fifth international exhibition of Date, production, processing, and related industries, many producers can meet with various exporters and learn about the newest advancements in their field of work.


What will happen at the fifth international exhibition of dates?

According to the Shiraz international exhibition of Dates spokesperson: there is no entrance fee for visitors. Participants in this exhibition are mainly from the provinces of East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan, Yazd, Khorasan Razavi, Kerman, Bushehr, Khuzestan, Hamedan, Tehran, Hormozgan, and Fars.

He continued: On the sidelines of this exhibition, Special training classes for date industry enthusiasts and whoever works in this field are planned, as well as several unveilings of new production and processing machines for date producers. He also said that Ministry of Agriculture Jihad experts are present at this event and will provide visitors with scientific, technical, specialized, and administrative consultations in various fields of interest.  The exhibition is held annually after the dates of harvest season and progressed greatly compared to previous years.


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