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You have probably heard about green tea and its benefits. Green tea is a type of Chinese tea and Japanese tea that has a very wide variety. But do you know where green tea originally comes from?
About 5,000 years ago, a Chinese emperor first discovered the green tea plant known as Camellia sinensis in southwest China. By steaming the green leaves of this plant, a kind of tea was obtained, which became very famous over time all around the world. Green tea is very valuable in China and various types of green tea are cultivated in this country. The most important and well-known of them are: Nanjing Rin Flower, Xiang Mao Jian, Luan Mellon, Long Jing and Huang Shan Mao feng. Green tea is obtained from the fresh petals of this plant and in the production process of this tea, little oxidation is done compared to other teas. In recent years, green tea has been cultivated in some countries such as Portugal, the Netherlands, Brazil, France, Russia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Turkey and northern Iran.

Benefits of green tea:

Green tea is known for its effect on body fitness and slimming. Green tea increases the body’s metabolism. In addition, it is a powerful calorie burner and its consumption during the day and after meals has a significant effect on weight loss. But in addition to losing weight, consuming of green tea has many other benefits for the body.
Green tea contains amino acids such as tannins, saccharides, chlorophyll, and vitamins such as A, B1, B2, B3, C, E, all of which are good for health of body and boost the immune system.

Furthermore, green tea contains large amounts of antioxidants that protect skin cells against free radicals. It also prevents the formation of skin wrinkles and helps to have beautiful and healthy skin.
Consumption of green tea is also effective in significantly lowering blood cholesterol levels. As a result, it promotes cardiovascular health.


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