The pickling industry in Iran is one of the oldest industries. Everyone knows Iranian pickles as the best all over the world due to their unique taste and high quality. Benmary Foods Company, a commercial company active in food export from Iran, produces and imports various types of pickles. In this article, we are going to convince you to buy food from Iran, especially Benmary Foods company.

We will examine the advantages and properties of Iranian pickles and the role of this company in facilitating the import process.

Iranian pickles

Part 1:

Iranian pickles and their specification: Iranian pickles have a special and unique taste due to the use of natural raw materials and traditional processing. These pickles are prepared by using fruits, vegetables, and herbs. The natural taste and aroma of these ingredients make Iranian pickles popular among other pickles in the world. Cucumber pickles, lemon pickles, cabbage pickles, and pepper pickles are among the popular Iranian pickles.


Part 2:

Benmary Foods Company and its role in importing Iranian pickles to other countries. Benmary Foods Corporation, experienced in picking up and using high-quality food resources in Iran, has been a reliable brand in the international market. The strong relationships of Benmary Foods with pickled manufacturers in Iran, the diversity of pickles, and the reliable quality control system ensure that all imported pickles are healthy and of high quality. By choosing high-quality raw materials, professional processing, and compliance with international standards, the company also is healthy besides delicious taste.


 Part 3:

Benmary Foods and Encouraging food purchases from Iran.

 1-Unique taste:

Iranian pickles have a unique taste because of the use of natural materials. By purchasing Iranian pickles, you will experience different and special tastes.

2-High quality:

Benmary Foods Company exports high-quality pickles by using raw materials and compliance with international standards. By purchasing from Benmary Foods, we assure you that you get quality and guaranteed products.

3_Product diversity:

Different pickles throughout Iran. From the kineta and pickles of lemon to pick up cabbage and pickles, and ……, you can get various delicious pickles from the company.

4_Relable shipping services:

Benmary Foods Company ensures that pickled products are sent safely and on time to your final destination. This causes you to receive your product easily with no worries.


Iranian pickles


Iranian pickles with high quality and unique taste have been considered throughout the world. Banmary Foods Co. as an active trading company in the food export area, plays an essential role in exporting Iranian pickles. By relying on experience, quality, and product variety, the company offers you delicious pickles from Iran.

The cooperation of Benmary Foods Company with pickles manufacturers in Iran makes an opportunity for you to access different products and choices. The company satisfies the different needs of foreign customers by providing different and high-quality pickles.

Benmary Foods, as one of the leading companies in the food export area from Iran, has been able to satisfy its customers with experience. Benmary Foods Company guarantees quality and high standards as a trusted representative of pickled production in Iran. This company is a bridge between international manufacturers and customers and assures you that the purchased products are under strict control. Therefore, by choosing Benmary Foods products, you will have a safe and successful shopping experience.

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