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Introducing different types of Iranian and Turkish figs and their related products _The difference between Iranian dried figs and Turkish dried figs along with the nutrition table


Iranian dried figs are a valuable and healthy fruit that is an important agricultural product both in Iran and Turkey. This fruit has a special role in the food industry and human food because of its delicious taste, diverse properties, and so many benefits.


Each type of fig has a different feature. This causes consumers to make a variety of choices. Also, producers use these types of figs in the preparation of foods such as jam, compote, fruit juice, dried fruits, and sweets because of their different tastes and properties.


The cultivation and production of figs are also important to farmers. Iran is one of the largest fig-producing countries in the world because of its climate. Turkey is also in the top rank of fig production.


1: Different Types of Figs in Iran


1.1:Black figs


Black fig is one of the most famous types of figs in Iran. This type of fig has black skin and red flesh. It is mainly cultivated in the southern provinces of Iran such as Kerman, Hormozgan, and Fars. Black figs are very popular because of their sweet and fresh flavor. People consume it both fresh or dried.

Dried Figs , Black figs

1.2: Yellow figs


This type of fig has yellow skin and usually white flesh, but different colors are also possible. Yellow figs are mainly in the northern provinces of Iran, such as Gilan and Mazandaran. This type of fig is the main choice for making jam and compote because of its pleasant taste.


1.3:Kalmi figs


Kalmi is another famous type of fig in Iran. This type of fig has black skin and white flesh. Because of its sweet flavor and larger size. People use Kalmi figs are mainly fresh. They use it in making desserts and sweets.


1.4: Green figs


Green Figs

Green figs are one type of fig in tropical and temperate regions. Green fig fruits are very popular and they often use fresh or in dried fruits; Cakes, sweets, desserts, jams, etc.


2: Types of figs in Türkiye


A: White figs

White figs are one of the most popular types of figs in Türkiye. This type of fig has green skin and white flesh. People use White figs fresh or dried in Turkey because of their sweet flavor. Producers use them in various products such as jam, compote, and juices.


B: Black Mission Fig


This type of fig has purple skin and black flesh. Blackmish figs are one of the most delicious types of figs in Turkey. Because of their sweet and delicious taste, people usually consume fresh. They are also used in foods and sweets.


C: Smyrna figs


Heavy figs have black skin and usually red or purple flesh. This type of fig is in Turkey due to its taste and freshness. Consumers use Heavy figs fresh or dried. They are also used as a main ingredient in the preparation of dried fruits and sweets.



What is the difference between Iranian and Turkish figs?

Iran and Turkey figs have different features. Below we clarify the differences between Iranian and Turkish Dried figs:


1-Type of fig


Different types of figs are produced in both countries. But certain types are produced more in each country due to different climates and soil conditions. Typically, black and yellow figs are commonly in Iran. While white and black figs are more in Turkey.




According to the type of figs, their taste is different. For example, Iranian black figs have a sweet taste due to their red flesh and black skin. In contrast, Turkish white figs have white flesh and green skin.


3-Shape and size

The shape and size of figs can also be different in each country. Iranian figs may be larger in size and rounder in shape. While Turkish figs may be smaller and more oval in shape


4-Uses and product


Each type of fig is for different uses based on its special feature. For example, the Iranian black fig is suitable for making jam and compote because of its sweet flavor. On the other hand, Turkish white figs are suitable to prepare jam and dried fruits because of their sour flavor.



Production and consumption:


Both Iran and Turkey are prominent countries in the production of figs. With a suitable climate and a long history in fig production, Iran is one of the largest producers in the world. Türkiye is also one of the major fig producers in the world.


In general, Iranian and Turkish figs have their own special features. Each country can play an important role in the production of this delicious and healthy product because of its unique environmental and climatic conditions.


The nutritional value of Dried figs (per 100 grams) is as follows:

Dried Figs nutrition facts

All kinds of dried fig products

1-Iranian dried figs compote


Fig compote is another product made with fresh or dried figs. This compote is a cooling and mild drink in hot seasons. Fig compote is very healthy because of vitamin C, antioxidants, and various minerals.


2-Dried fig jam and preserves


Jam and canned figs are among the most well-known fig products. Producers prepare Fig jam with sugar and figs. It is generally an additive in the preparation of foods and desserts. Also, canned figs are a long-term product for a wide range of preparations using proper storage methods.


3-Iranian dried figs powder


Another product from figs is dried fig powder. Producers make dried Fig powder by drying figs and turning them into powder. This powder is an additive in the preparation of bakery products, desserts, confectionery, and all kinds of food. Fig powder is very healthy because of its high fiber, calcium, and vitamin K.


4-Iranian dried figs oil


Producers make Fig oil from fig seeds. It is a healthy and useful oil. This oil has anti-inflammatory and skin-softening properties because of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, and antioxidants. Fig oil is also an additive in the cosmetic industry.


5-Iranian dried figs syrup


Fig syrup is one of the most popular fig products, which has attracted the attention of many people because of its sweet and pleasant taste. This syrup is made from figs and is usually used as a delicious and healthy drink in different seasons. In this article, we will examine the properties of this syrup, its preparation method, and its various uses.


6-Iranian dried figs paste

Dried fig paste is considered one of the most important products in the pastry and bread-making industries in different countries.

Iranian dried fig paste is a suitable product for export because of its unique quality and taste.



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