A closed picture of some Dried figs,some of which are moldy

News about Iranian Drief figs

Exposure to climate change and adverse weather conditions can affect many industries and producers, including Iranian dried figs. This year, the effects of extreme heat and bad weather on the production of dried figs have been clearly noticeable. Warm weather caused problems for the producers and traders of this product.

A closed picture of some Dried figs,some of  which are moldy

One of the important factors in the negative effects of these climate changes on the quality of dried figs is the direct effect of heat and dryness on fig tree fruits. These conditions can lead to changes in the color and taste of dried figs. In addition, extreme heat can accelerate the drying process of figs and reduce the product’s final quality.

price increase

As a result, Iran’s dried fig market has faced a shortage of quality products and an increase in prices this year. This issue affects not only the producers of dried figs but also the entire supply chain of this product.

Perak figs are being bought and sold with an increase of 50 to 100 percent compared to the previous year. And a lot of figs have lost quality.


There is an opportunity in the meantime, companies that produce dried fig products can buy figs at a reasonable price and turn them into products such as fig jam, fig syrup, and fig butter.

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