Pickles are one of the traditional and well-known products in Iranian food culture, which is very popular among Iranian people for years.  Despite the variety of the type and tastes of Iranian pickles, this product is known as a valuable tradition in the country.  This article introduces Iranian pickles and the importance of importing them. Also, we are going to highlight the key points for distinguishing this product.


 First part: Introduction of Iranian pickles

Iranian pickle is one of the important parts of Iranian nutrition that is used in preparing meals.  Pickles are mainly prepared from different vegetables such as cucumber, tomato, lettuce, and carrot.  Pickles are recommended as a rich and useful source because of vitamins, minerals, and fibers essential for the body.  In addition, pickle is known as a suitable accompaniment to traditional Iranian dishes due to its sourness and refreshing properties.


 The second part is: Importance of importing Iranian pickles

Since the early 1980s, when lifestyles and family cultures were going to change, the consumption of pickles in the country has been decreasing.  While Iranian pickles are one of the traditional and unique products of the country and have unique tastes.  Therefore, the essence of importing Iranian pickles to other countries was obvious.  The importance of importing Iranian pickles is investigated in two economic and cultural aspects.


From the cultural aspect, Iranian pickles, as a distinct element of Iranian food culture, are introduced as a unique product in the food world.  Importing Iranian pickles to other countries promotes Iranian culture and familiarity with Iranian food traditions.  In addition, because of its nutritional properties and unique taste, Iranian pickles are a good option for people who pay attention to a diet.


 Variety of Iranian pickles:

To distinguish Iranian pickles in the world market, some key points are considered.  First, the use of organic and natural raw materials in the preparation of pickles gives a special value to Iranian pickles.  Iranian pickles are of high quality and healthy by using fresh vegetables, without preservatives and artificial additives.


Secondly, the Iranian pickle has an obvious difference from other pickles due to its special taste and balanced pickle.  The taste, the right combination of acidity and sweetness, and the balance between acidity and sourness make Iranian pickles special.


Thirdly, the variety of Iranian pickles is also one of its distinguishing factors.  From pickled cucumbers, tomatoes, and lettuce to pickled carrots and beans, Iran has a wide variety of pickles, each of which is famous for its own taste.  This variety is considered a competitive advantage for Iranian pickles in the world market.




Iranian pickle, with its long history and special production mechanism, is the most outstanding representative of Iran’s food culture.  With organic raw materials, a special taste, and a variety of pickles, Iranian pickles can be a unique product in the global market.




Considering the food culture and tradition of Iran and the variety of available pickles, the development of the import of Iranian pickles to foreign markets can be a great opportunity to promote trade and the pickle industry in our country.  These pickles can be sold in restaurants, local stores, and large retail chains around the world and are recognized as a symbol of Iranian cuisine.



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