Iranian herbal drink products: a different taste from Iran lands

Herbal Drink

Benmary Foods Company, a reputable trading company in Iran’s food exports, proudly produces some of the best Iranian herbal drinks. We are proud of the unique fresh smell of our products. By trying to provide high-quality and unique products, we do our best to give you a pleasant and unique experience.


First part: Rose water Drink – the beauty and freshness of flowers in a glass

One of the precious drinks of Iranian herbal extracts is rose water.  Rose water drink is extracted from rose flowers and has been known as a natural and widely used product in the cosmetics industry for centuries. We bring you the best rose water by using advanced techniques without the use of harmful chemicals.


Second part: Rose water Saffron drink –  The fragrance of Heaven


Despite the collection of herbal extracts,  Rose water Saffron drink helps to soothe and moisturize your skin.  Saffron, which is thousands of years old in Iranian history, is used in our Rose water saffron drink.  This drink is rich in antioxidants and minerals that make your skin soft and fresh.  Its fragrance also gives you a feeling of heaven. , You can experience and enjoy Benmari Foods Rose water Saffron drink as a valuable and different drink


Third part: Canina drink – natural refreshment in peace

Canina is a beautiful and fragrant flower from which fresh and bitter flavor extracts are extracted.  Benmari Foods Canina drink brings you a pleasant taste and mild feeling, as well as relaxing and antioxidant properties.  This drink gives you a natural and mysterious feeling during relaxation times.


Part 4: spearmint drink – freshness and energy in every drop

spearMint is one of the most popular aromatic herbs used in beverages. Benmary Foods’ spearmint drink gives you energy and spirit with its unique taste and sense of freshness. This drink is rich in vitamins and minerals and can be your company in your daily life as a refreshing and energizing drink.


The fifth part: Flower Citrus Drink, Muskwillow, and Fumitory Drink – diversity in Herbal Drinks

Despite the previous products, Benmary Foods has started exporting other herbal drinks.  Flower citrus Drink, Muskwillow, and Fumitory Drink are among Iranian herbal drinks that have unique tastes.


Flower citrus Drink, with a mild and sweet taste extracted from citrus flowers (during the flowering season of the tree), gives energy and freshness to you.  This drink brings freshness on hot summer days.


Muskwillow is a fragrant plant with soothing properties.  Benmari Foods Muskwillow drink, with its pleasant taste and natural Muskwillow aroma, will give you a moment of peace and relaxation.


Fumitory is a medicinal plant with a spicy and bitter taste that has anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties.  Benmary Foods Fumitory drink, with a different taste and relaxing power, allows you to take advantage of the medicinal properties of this plant.



Part 6: Chicory Drink – Digestive Regulator and Antidepressant


Chicory is one of the Iranian medicinal plants that is used in drinks.  Benmary Foods chicory drink, with a spicy and bitter taste, has unique properties that help your health.


Chicory is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.  This drink regulates digestion and digestion.  Also, the anti-inflammatory properties of chicory help to reduce inflammation in the body and strengthen the immune system.


In addition, chicory drink has anti-depressant and relaxing properties.  This drink can help improve your mood and improve your sense of relaxation.


Benmary Foods company proudly introduces Iranian chicory drinks to our customers.  With a spicy taste and various properties, our chicory drink can be a great choice for your body and mind health.




Benmary  Foods Company, one of the prominent trading companies in Iranian food exports, is proud to introduce and provide Iranian herbal drinks.  Our products include Rose water Drink Rose water, Saffron drink, Canina drink, Flower citrus Drink, Muskwillow, and Fumitory Drink.  With the different flavors, and relaxing and refreshing properties, we offer you a unique experience of Iranian herbal drinks.


Packaging: retail: Net Wt:250 gr

Variety of products:

Rose water Drink, Canina Drink, Spear mint Drink, Rose water Saffron Drink, Flower Citrus Drink, Musk willow Drink, Fumitory Drink, Chicory Drink

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