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Iranian mixed pickled cabbage: ingredients,  packaging, and uses

Iranian mixed pickled cabbage is one of the most popular Iranian pickles, which is prepared using cabbage, one of the popular vegetables in Iran.  This pickle is used as a traditional and authentic snack at family tables and Iranian restaurants because of its delicious taste.


The ingredients of Iranian mixed pickled cabbage include cabbage, white vinegar, salt, herbal spices (such as turmeric, cinnamon, and ginger), carrot, garlic, and coriander.  These vegetable compounds give Iranian mixed pickled cabbage a unique aroma and taste.


Iranian mixed pickled cabbage is usually in glass packaging.  Glass packaging is very suitable for preserving the quality, taste, and aroma of pickles.  Also, this type of packaging can be easily opened and closed, which allows the consumption of pickles in the next steps.


Iranian mixed pickled cabbage is related to the country of Iran and its rich culture.  This pickle is used as an appetizer or snack in meals.  Also, it can be used in sandwiches, salads, and stews.  Iranian mixed pickled cabbage is very healthy besides its unique taste.  Cabbage, for example, contains a lot of fiber, which helps with the health of the digestive system and improves digestion.  Also, the presence of garlic in mixed pickled cabbage makes it antibacterial and anti-inflammatory and helps the body’s immune system.


The consumption of Iranian mixed pickled cabbage in different dishes will benefit from the variety and color of the dishes.  It can be served as an appetizer or as a part of the table in ceremonies and celebrations.



In general, Iranian mixed pickled cabbage not only tastes good but is useful as a source of vegetables and herbal spices.  Due to Iranian mixed pickled cabbage in glass packaging, it can be stored for a long time and you need a delicious and healthy snack anytime.


Pickles are one of the important and popular ingredients in family tables and restaurants in Iran and Middle East countries.  In these regions, pickles are consumed as an appetizer or a traditional snack and are considered part of the local food culture.



Pickles play an important role in Middle Eastern countries.  From Lebanon and Syria to Turkey and Iraq, pickles are known as traditional and popular food.  In these regions, pickles are consumed as an appetizer or a component of main dishes and are prepared with a variety of vegetables and dried vegetables.  Also, in some Middle East countries, pickles are used as a flavoring component in various dishes.


Pickles are known to be a popular choice among people in these regions due to their beneficial health properties and pleasant taste.  Also, the variety of pickles in these countries has made each country and region prepare and consume pickles in their own way and style.


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Iranian mixed pickled cabbage: ingredients, packaging and uses

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