Pickled Cucumber

Iranian pickled cucumber: a fresh and spicy experience

Salted cucumber is one of the traditional and popular foods in Iranian society, which is very popular among the people of our country because of its fresh, delicious, and spicy taste.  Iranian pickled cucumber is a great option for all tastes with its combination of special ingredients, glass packaging, and various uses.


The ingredients of Iranian pickled cucumber are made from fresh and best quality cucumbers that are available.


These cucumbers are carefully selected and prepared for drying after careful washing and cleaning.  Then they are prepared in a solution of water, vinegar, salt, and the best spices so that the delicious taste of salted cucumber is well formed.


The packaging of Iranian pickled cucumber is very important so that its taste and quality do not decrease during the storage period.  For this reason, pickles are packaged in quality glass bottles.  This type of packaging prevents the entry of air and contact with harmful factors and keeps the taste and freshness of pickled cucumber until consumption.


Iranian pickled cucumber is used as a delicious food in many dishes and foods.  This pickled cucumber can be used as a delicious snack along with various dishes such as stews, sandwiches, and burgers.


Also, Iranian pickled cucumber can be served with a variety of appetizers, such as yogurt and salad, and give them a different taste.


In addition to being used in cooking, Iranian pickled cucumber is also used as a low-calorie and delicious food source.  This food contains a significant amount of fiber that helps healthy digestion and the digestive system.  Also, the presence of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, potassium, and copper in Iranian pickled cucumbers helps the body’s cells function and maintain general health.


In general, Iranian pickled cucumber with its special and unique taste, high-quality ingredients, glass packaging and various uses, is an excellent choice for those who like delicious and spicy food.


Iranian pickled cucumber is available in different sizes to meet the different needs of consumers.  These cucumbers are usually available in smaller and larger sizes.


Smaller sizes of pickles may be used as an appetizer or garnish in food service.  They are generally the right size for serving on stages, buffets, and reception tables.  These sizes are also used as a delicious companions in sandwiches and salads.


Larger sizes of pickled cucumbers are suitable for home use and cooking.


In short, Iranian pickled cucumbers are available in different sizes to meet the different needs and preferences of consumers.



Benmary Foods Company is one of the trading companies active in the field of food exports, including pickled cucumbers in Iran and Shiraz.  As a company specializing in the production and supply of quality and standard products, we supply Iranian pickled cucumbers with our own brand to global markets.

and recommend to foreign people and traders to buy Iranian pickled cucumbers from Banmari Foods Company.  By choosing our products, you will experience the best quality and taste of Iranian pickled cucumber.


Benmary Foods Company operates in all stages of production and supply of Iranian pickled cucumbers using modern technologies and improved sanitary processes.


Packaging: Retail : 830 gr  Net Wt:680 gr | bulk: 8 kg

Variety of products:

Size: Super special (small  size – 5 to 10 cm)

Excellent (medium size -10 to 15 cm)

Grade 2 (large size_15 to 20 cm)

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