Tea; the green magic


The tea plant was first cultivated in China about 5,000 years ago. People in southern China call this plant chai and in northern China it is called tea. Tea is the second most popular beverage in the world after water, which is brewed and drunk in different ways. In some countries, fresh tea leaves are brewed in hot water and drunk as a local beverage. In some areas, tea leaves are dried, which eventually turn into small black pieces. This black tea is brewed using hot water, which after a full brew, the liquid turns a pleasant red color.

Different types of tea require specific soil and climatic conditions for growth and have different flavors, each of which has special healing properties. In general, tea has an antioxidant effect, prevents the formation of blood clots in the arteries, soothes the nerves and reduces heart attacks. The most popular types of tea among this variety includes green tea, white tea, and black tea, each of which has different stages of cultivation, harvesting and processing. Of course, there are more than a thousand types of tea in the world. Compared to other countries, Chinese tea has a very wide variety, and even the consumption of some types of tea in this country requires special customs. In some ancient Chinese religions, tea has a very special place, which is called green magic because of its properties.

Tea is also grown in some northern cities of Iran, which have fertile paddy field. Northern Iranian tea is produced in three seasons: spring, summer and autumn, which is often black in the consumption stage. Pure and high-quality Iranian tea is characterized with a very pleasant aroma and taste, high durability, and good coloring after brewing. It can be said that tea, like food, is an integral part of the culture of the nations. In countries such as China and India, in addition to its cultural aspects, tea is also an important part of economic income of families and country.


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