The most famous Chinese tea types are:


•     Da Hong Pao    : It is a kind of oolong tea which is grown in the Wuyi Mountains of Fujian Province. This tea contains caffeine, theophylline, tea polyphenols, and flavonoids. So, Da Hong Pao tea is beneficial for blood circulation. Dry Da Hong Pao is green and brown in color but after brewing, it turns to an orange-yellow, bright color.

•     Tie Guan Yin    : It means “iron goddess” which is another type of oolong tea. This tea originates from Fujian Province and is also called Chinese Goddess of Mercy, which has a warm aroma and good taste. The processing of Tie Guan Yin tea is complex and requires expertise.

•     Huangshan Mao Feng    : It is a famous type of green tea that grows in the foothills of the Yellow Mountains of Anhui Province. Leaves of “Yellow Mountain Fur Peak” tea look like orchid buds which are covered with small white hairs.

•     Long Jing Tea    : This tea in Chinese means “dragon well tea” which is a high quality oily green tea. This tea is grown in the village of Long Jing in Zhejiang Province, which contains high amounts of vitamin C and amino acids and moderate levels of caffeine. Long Jing is a special and expensive tea which is produced mostly by hand.

•     Golden Monkey Tea    : Golden Monkey Tea is one of the best types of black tea which has a soft texture. This tea is grown in the southernmost part of China and is known for its sweet taste.

•     Bai Mudan    : Bai Mudan is a white tea that consists of a petal and two young leaves which is cultivated in Fujian Province. This tea is best brewed with mineral water at 70 °C to 80 °C. After brewing, the color of Bai Mudan tea turns to a golden or pale green.

•     Lapsang Souchong     : it is a black tea consisting of Camellia sinensis. The leaves of Lapsang Souchong tea plant are dried by the flame of pine fire, so during this process, they absorb the smell of smoke. This tea is famous for its strong aroma and flavor.


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