Approximately 4.5 million tons of nuts and 3.3 million tons of dried fruits were produced in the world during the year 2120-2019. World hazelnut production is estimated at more than 530 thousand tons, world walnuts about 969 thousand tons and pistachios 655.2 thousand tons according to the harvest of countries such as France and Spain and a 15% increase in crops in Turkey. China, India, Brazil and the United States have the highest global peanut production. The estimated global production of dried fruits in the same year is about 3,283 thousand tons, which has a growth of 5% compared to the previous year. Given the supply and demand of these products is a good opportunity for investors. Writing a justification plan for you in estimating the cost and how to start work will be like a guide.

Nuts and nuts are commonly referred to as seeded fruits such as walnuts, peanuts, almonds and pistachios that grow on flowering trees or shrubs directly and are eaten raw or roasted and dried.

Standards for preparation and packaging of nuts and dried fruits

In the packaging of nuts and dried fruits, the preparation, packaging and storage stage follows the hygienic work regulations and the requirements of the Iranian National Standard No. 9343. The purpose of this procedure is to guide manufacturers in meeting the minimum health requirements of production and supply and to adapt its features to the relevant standard. Other national standards and process of this business are as follows.

| National Standard of Iran 2380: “Pistachio preparation procedure from harvest to packaging”. |

| National Standard of Iran 495: “Packaging of pistachios and almond kernels for export” |

| Iranian National Standard 3937: “Almond Kernel Preparation Procedure” |

| National Standard of Iran 7704: “Peanut – from harvest to packaging and storage – hygienic work ritual” |

Technical characteristics of preparation and packaging of nuts and nuts

Grinding, sorting and packing of nuts and dried fruits by production line machines must have both health and quality standards of raw materials and production process. Cellophane and polymer sheets The product packaging must have softness, printability, heat sealing capability, pneumatic ductility, transparency, impermeability to water vapor and ambient gases.

In the packaging of nuts and dried fruits, product markings must be included, including the name and type of product, size, grade, name of the producer, manufacturing license number of the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, exploitation license number of the Ministry of Silence, serial number, production date and expiration date. Specify net weight and storage conditions.



Nuts are used for various occasions as snacks and useful snacks with high nutritional value, both for all people and for ceremonies, parties, and holidays. Proper packaging of food products such as nuts and dried fruits helps to maintain both health and longevity. This process on an industrial scale makes it possible to meet health requirements more and more. Putting nuts in the package, while protecting it from animals, also improves the controlled consumption of the product.

  • Benefits of consuming nuts and dried fruits

    Nuts and nuts, like hazelnuts, walnuts and pistachios, play an important role in providing energy and health to the body. These foods are rich sources of protein, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Nuts are one of the most important rich sources of elements such as zinc, iron, and selenium, which are essential for maintaining a healthy immune system and improving growth and reducing anemia.

    Nuts are rich in iron, zinc, vitamin E, magnesium and folic acid, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium, which are effective in building healthy bones, teeth and balancing the function of muscles and nerves. Sorting and packing these products while entrepreneurship in improving the digestive process, body health and supply of various proteins needed by humans can lead to weight loss.

  • Alternative goods

    Many other snacks, such as potato chips and fruits, are lower-priced competing puffs for nuts and dried fruits, but do not have the nutritional value, taste or flavor of the nuts and nuts group.

  • Technical knowledge and production process of packing nuts and dried fruits

    Machines for preparing and packing nuts and nuts can be made in the country with the desired quality. Equipments according to the required production capacity include bowl lifting devices, pre-shovel, quality control conveyor, hand-held tank dehumidifier, peeler, lifter, screw device, dryer, flavoring and roasting Continuus, salt shaker, heater system And salting and filtering and packing machines for double and quadruple straps, end conveyor and shearing pack machine which are processed and packed nuts and dried fruits in different stages according to the following steps.

  • Supply of raw materials

    Preparation and purchase of fruits with the required quality for the production of nuts and dried fruits, according to the harvest season and the possibility of storage in the depot factory, and after the pre-threshing process, it is ready to be transported to the peeling unit.

  • Peeling stage

    The fruit is transferred to a mechanized peeling unit in proportion to the capacity of the system to become the brain. The level of technology of the device is very important in obtaining a quality and uniform product in the peeling process for the brains by observing the principles of hygiene.

  • Washing and moistening the nuts

    Along with the peeled product, there are other unwanted particles along with the fruit that reduce the quality of the final product, so it is necessary to wash the kernels after peeling and to clean them from any contamination with foreign and undesirable particles.

  • The process of drying nuts

    The process of drying the nuts is done after washing in a hygienic and mechanized manner with appropriate quality and observing the dried standards.

  • Product processing process

    When the goal is not to produce a raw product, the dried kernel needs to be turned into a final product in various stages according to its type. These processes often involve flavoring according to the formulation and customer-friendly experience, combining several types of brains. Roasting and roasting of nut kernels takes place in this section. The most suitable roasting process in order to keep the nuts healthy due to heating using drying systems has the possibility of uniform heat distribution.

  • Product quality control

    It is essential to ensure the quality of the final product before the packaging process. Quality control is performed through standard tests to check the appearance of color, shape, size, moisture content, mold, fracture rate, hollow, impurity content, taste, odor, immaturity and shrinkage percentage of the product salt. In order to be able to send quality nuts to the packing department.

  • Product packaging and warehousing

    After processing the nuts, the product should be marketed in a packaged form based on market needs and technological facilities. In such a way that it maintains its desired quality in a healthy and hygienic way until consumption. Paying attention to the quality and beauty of packaging is very important in gaining inpatient market share.

  • Market research and competitors

    Due to the advantage of conversion industries in the agricultural sector of the country, by the end of 1398, there are 793 industrial production units for the preparation and packaging of nuts and dried fruits in the country with a nominal capacity of 929 thousand tons. The number of projects under construction in the country with a physical progress of over 60% is 195 projects, which are expected to create a new capacity of 308 thousand tons.

  • Investment required

    According to studies, the construction of production this year requires about 34 billion rials of fixed capital. The internal rate of return on investment is more than 35% and you will have a return on investment within three and a half years after production.


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