Dried Dates in dish

Dates are one of Iran’s most important and nutritious agricultural products. The date is an important product in the market. Therefore, it is very important to choose the best season to buy Iranian dates and the right time to harvest them. This article will examine the best season to buy Iranian dates and the right time to harvest them.


The best season to buy Iranian dates:


Due to different weather conditions in different regions of Iran, the best season to buy Iranian dates may also be different. But in general, the end of September and the beginning of October is the best season to buy Iranian dates. In this situation, dates are fully ripe and show their original taste well. Also, at this time, dates have a lot of energy and nutrients that are healthy.


Date harvesting time:


In fact, the date harvesting time may be different depending on the type and origin of dates in each region. But in most regions of Iran, spring and summer are the harvest time of dates. Especially in late September and early October, dates are completely ripe and ready to harvest. At this time, dates have more flavor and nutritional value, and you can enjoy a shopping experience that brings you the best Iranian products.


Why is late September and early October the best time to buy dates?

Dried Dates in dish

Several reasons make this time the best opportunity to buy and import dates:


Better quality: At this time, dates are fully ripe and have the best quality and taste. Choosing high-quality dates in this situation leads to a better consumer experience for your customers.


Less competition: There is less competition in the market.Because the harvested date is at its peak at this time. This can allow you to negotiate and compare the prices.


Reasonable price: Due to the increase in production at this time, prices are likely to increase in line with supply. This position gives you the opportunity to get the best products at a better price.


Communication with producers: At this time, producers and farmers are also present and ready to cooperate with buyers. These connections can help you make the best deals.


By combining these benefits, you can buy and import the best Iranian dates with the best quality and the best price in late September and early October.


Types of Iranian dates:



Kabkab: one of the most famous types of Iranian dates that are in Khuzestan, Fars, and Bushehr provinces. This date is extremely delicious with a sweet and meaty taste.


Zahedi: Zahedi date is one of the popular and best-selling Iranian dates. This date is known for its yellow color and sweet and delicious taste.


Piarom: Piarom dates are obtained from Kerman and Hormozgan provinces. This date is dry and has a sweet taste.


Mazafati: another type of Iranian date that grows in Kerman province. This date is delicious with a mild honey flavor.


Estameran(Sayer): Estameran dates are one of the famous types of Iranian dates that are grown in Khuzestan province. This date has a sweet taste and fleshy texture.


Shahani: Shahani dates are also produced in the southern regions of Iran, especially Hormozgan province. This date has a sweet and slightly sour taste.


Exploiting these different types of dates at the right time can give you the opportunity to experience the various flavors of these valuable products and import them to your country and enjoy these quality products.



When is the best time to import food products from Iran?

Dried Dates on tree

The importing time of food products depends on various factors, including the type of product, source of production, market demand, economic conditions, and laws and regulations of the country of origin and destination, as well as international.

transportation conditions. But in general, keeping in mind the following can determine the best time to import food products:

Season and Demand: It is also important to consider the season and demand for food products in the destination market. The demand may be higher in some seasons and import is more appropriate at this time.

Inventory: It is important to ensure sufficient and optimal inventory of the products required for import so that the market needs can be met sustainably.

Communication with suppliers: Establishing and maintaining effective communication with suppliers and manufacturers can also be effective in determining the timing of imports.

Marketing Research: It is very important to conduct marketing research to determine the right time to import food products and to forecast demand and market conditions.

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