Nuts are one of the most popular and delicious snacks among the people. Dried fruits are the dried pieces of some fruits such as grapes, plums, berries, apricots and kernels. These dried pieces have always been considered by many people due to their wide range of benefits and have attracted many volunteers.

These fruits increase the amount of sugar and some other properties after drying and losing water. Consumption of nuts is the best alternative to unhealthy snacks and they have many properties and are good for health. Some doctors and nutritionists add nuts such as nuts to some people’s diets.

Many nutritionists recommend using nuts instead of industrial snacks, which contain preservatives and are very harmful to children, and replace unhealthy snacks. Today, buying high quality nuts and dried fruits has become one of the people’s concerns. In this article, we try to acquaint you with some cities in Iran that offer the best and highest quality nuts to domestic and foreign markets.


What is the most famous dried fruit of any city?

Almost no city in Iran can be found that does not sell nuts and can not buy nuts from there. But there are certain cities that have famous nuts. In the following, we will introduce these cities. Knowing these cities can help you choose the best and highest quality nuts at a reasonable price.

Farooj . The capital of nuts in Iran


Farooj city geographically


Farooj city is geographically located in the northeast of Iran and 90 km east of North Khorasan. leads.

This city is famous in many ways, for example, because of its religious scholars and various cultural figures, it is also known as Dar al-Ulma, and it is also known as the nuts capital of the country. The capital that has lasted until now and is increasing day by day on its quality, power and prestige. From the beginning to the end of the main street, the city has its nut shops with delicious snacks. The Faroese mostly speak Persian, Turkish and Kurdish.

The existence of the Asian road and the increasing traffic of travelers and its sights, has made this city a tourist destination.

Field of activity and souvenirs of Farooj


It is said that the Faroojis themselves did not know how to roast the seeds at first, and they brought the first seed-maker from Quchan to their city and learned how to roast the seeds from it. When only salty seeds were available in the market, the Farooqis did not salt the seeds but introduced them in the form of salt.

The method of salt spotting is that after roasting the seeds, the salt was sprayed on it with a broom, which was later called Farooj salt sperm seed and became known by this name. The pharaohs use lemon juice, angelica and a little food coloring to flavor the seeds.

Gradually, the business of selling nuts flourished, and in addition to sunflower seeds, products such as walnuts, almonds and raisins produced in the region also found a place in the market.

Farooj souvenirs include nuts, almonds, local curd, raisins, apricot leaves, cranberries, dried cherries, nuts, cherries, as well as yellow oil, yogurt and honey.

Supply of the best nuts in the city of Khansar


Khansar city is located in the western part of Isfahan province. This city has very famous nuts. Dried fruits such as walnuts, plums and apricot leaves are very famous in this region and all over Iran these products are bought and sold under the name of Khansar dried fruits. The best product of this region is Khansar walnut, which has a unique quality and is not comparable to other cities in Iran in terms of aroma and taste.

Khoy city is the center of seed production and supply

Khoy is one of the cities of West Azerbaijan province, which is the most important and largest city of West Azerbaijan after Urmia. This city is located in the northwesternmost point of Iran and close to the Turkish border. One of the best souvenirs of this city is sunflower seeds.


Due to the fact that Khoy city is the center of sunflower seed production in the country and has one of the best seeds in the country and the livelihood of many residents of this city is through cultivation and seed production. Half of Khoy’s agricultural lands are planted with seeds, producing 31 tons of seeds each year. Sunflower seeds are of high quality and are exported outside Iran.

Barghan is the cradle of plums

Barghan village is located in Alborz province and in Savojbolagh city. Famous souvenirs of Berghan include plums, honey, berries, dairy products and ice cream. Barghan plum, which is also called Barghan tomato by the natives, is actually a type of grafted product that is made from a combination of local plum and Bukhara plum and has many properties. The taste of Berghan tomato is unique and different and it is used in the production of various dishes, pickles and in Iranian food.

The best walnut in Iran

Tuyserkan is one of the big cities of Hamedan province and is located in the south of Alvand mountain and has a temperate mountainous climate. This city is known as the city of walnuts and has very tasty walnuts. The people of Tuyserkan speak Persian and Lori, although Laki (Lori and Kurdish) is also spoken in some villages of this city.

By studying the history and examining the ruins near the city of Tuyserkan, we reach the old town of Rudlavar (Rudavar). The city was inhabited by three tribes, “Tui”, “Serkan” and “Shekan”. Due to the Mongol invasion and later due to the earthquake, the city of Rudavar became a ruin and only Tui and its leaders remained. Today’s Tuyserkan is in fact the result of the merger of the ancient Tui and Sarkan tribes.

Souvenirs of this city, in addition to walnuts, which are the most important souvenirs of Tuyserkan, are dried fruits such as almonds, plum leaves, apricot leaves, special quotes of Tuyserkan, Pashmak, fresh sumac and crushed sumac

Rafsanjan . The pistachio capital of Iran

Rafsanjan city is in the southeast of Iran and is one of the most important cities in Kerman province, which is located in the north of the province. Agriculture is one of the common occupations in this city. Rafsanjan pistachio plays the first and last role in Iran and even the world Rafsanjan pistachio currently has about 50% of world production and 60% of global pistachio exports to Iran.

The most important souvenir of Rafsanjan is pistachio, which, as we said, is world famous. Types of pistachios (Akbari pistachio, Ahmad Aghaei pistachio, Koleghoochi pistachio and hazelnut pistachio) are produced and offered in this city. In addition to pistachios, Rafsanjan also has other souvenirs such as Kolmepe, Kamaj Sehan and Qavut.


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